About Us

In a nutshell: We desire to help those in need and support those who are working to change the world, while encouraging others to do the same, living this life together as we prepare for the next.


In more detail:  Joel & Nikki Akridge launched Rhapsody Ministries, Inc. in the spring of 2011. Rhapsody Ministries, Inc. was born to help others find peace and freedom through the love of Christ. The support of missionaries, humanitarians, and people in need is a large part of our mission.  In everything we do, even when we fail to do everything with perfection, our first priority and desire is to demonstrate the love of Christ because we believe His love is the only thing that can heal the hurt in this world.

Why “Rhapsody”?  The word “Rhapsody” means, “a miscellaneous collection, an expression of ecstatic enthusiasm, and an exalted expression through the written word or musical composition, usually improvisational in form.”

The word describes what this organization aims to be for as long as it exists… a moving and evolving organism of life-changing influence to those placed in its path. 

We are often asked, “What is Rhapsody Ministries, Inc.?”  Simplest answer….whatever the Lord desires it to be, but first and foremost it desires to demonstrate and share the love of Christ.  

A few examples of Rhapsody Ministries, Inc. fulfilling its mission….                                

…for over seven years Nikki and I served in a school in the city of St. Louis.  We taught bible, drama, various fine arts classes together in the high school classroom as well as filling several roles from chaplain to student government advisors, etc.  The school did not pay us enough to cover living expenses, we knew the Lord wanted us to do it anyway, regardless of pay, so we trusted the Lord to provide for us as we served in that mission field together…as He did provide partially through Rhapsody Ministries.

GBGroup2(just a few of our “kids”)

…students at the school at times were unable to pay for certain things here and there, such as ACT testing and/or college application fees, baseball cleats, food $ for a field trip, etc., and we were more than happy to quietly meet those needs.

(It was, and is, very important to us when we provide financial support to do it with discretion.  We want the Lord to receive all credit.)

…a precious teacher at the school who constantly struggled with transportation.  We were able to give her an automobile that was gifted to Rhapsody Ministries.  (…aaand then there are situations where it’s juuust a bit difficult to provide support with discretion!)

RhapCarBailey(a precious humanitarian that demonstrated love to so many kids while she was in St. Louis.  It was our complete honor to provide her with a reliable vehicle.)

…missionary friends who gave a helping hand in disaster relief in Joplin, MO, during Hurricane Sandy, and in Shawnee and Moore, Oklahoma.

…missionaries going to Haiti to help with medical care for children, and support to other missionaries in the area.

….Rice Bowls.  A great organization that provides food to orphanages around the world.  You donate…children eat.  Simple.  We love it.  http://www.ricebowls.org

…missionaries to Guatemala and to a missionary living in Bangladesh.

…multiple families during Christmas time.

…aid workers in China

…student mission trip to Haiti

…mission work in the Dominican Republic

…ongoing long-term support to work in Bangladesh

…sent financial support with a missionary to Haiti in order to build a roof for a bathroom and school

…and many other needs we have been able to meet both big and small.

We hosted monthly church services, encouragement services if you will, for several years as well as other gatherings to encourage one another and those in our community.

We love meeting needs as God has called us to help those who are hurting, discouraged, the widows and orphans, and anyone who has need.

Do you have a need we could meet?  Know of anyone who has a need?  Let us know!

All credit, praise, and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!